Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yay! hallows eve!

YAY! Hallows Eve!Hallows Eve is what I call the night before Halloween. So, with that over with let's continue.

Brent woke up very exited. Today was the day dad was coming home. He sprinted downstairs, expecting to see him sitting with his mom sitting at the table having breakfast. But nobody was down there. He looked out the window, seeing the sun just barely coming off the horizon. "Oh," he said, realizing that he wouldn't be here yet and his mother would still be asleep. So he went to the kitchen and put together some breakfast for when his dad came home.
While the eggs were frying, he looked around the house, noticing nothing unusual. then he spotted a small box colourfully wrapped, and for a split second he wondered what it was. The he remembered it was his birthday today. Looking at the calender to make sure, he realized that today was the circled date, July 23. He was so happy he started jumping up and down, but quickly stopped in fear of waking up his mother.
His mom walked downstairs around 8:30. She was surprised to see breakfast made and the table set, with Brent sitting in a chair reading a book and drinking a glass if orange juice. She smiled, and heard a knock at the door. They both ran to the hallway and yanked the door open.
"Here's your paper, mam." said Frank, the mailman.
"Frank, you know you don't have to come all the way up here to deliver the paper! We can just go to town to get it!"
" Sorry mam, old habits die hard. Well, have a good day!"
"You too, now. Goodbye!" and Frank walked down the road to a red pick up truck with faded paint. They closed the door, but didn't go far, becuase they heard a muffled "Hey Frank!" and they spun around and opened the door, only to see Brent's father.
"Hey honey!" he said and kissed his wife on the cheek. Then he stooped and picked up Brent and hugged him. "Happy Birthday!" said. They went and had breakfast, then a suprise cake that Brent's mom had baked the night before. After they finished, they shuffled over to Brent's present.
"Well, open it!" His Mother said. he tore open the present, reavealing two tanks, a long strip of barbed wire, sandbags, and five more jeeps, along with ten italians and ten more japanese. He pulled his father to his island, and they began to battle.

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