Friday, September 28, 2007

SOON,the enemy came."okay guys,according to every movie in history and every game of laser tag we've ever played, we have to win this fight,"I said encouragingly."so,let's get this party started!"said Joey,and with that last remark,we began.
They fired and made a hole in our first wall."Uh oh... this could be bad..."we fired our machine gun back.Then, a hatch opened.Sean popped out with a machine gun,and open fired. I hit him on the shoulder,so he was down for 60 seconds by rule.they then came running out, guns blazing, and were coming through the hole in the first wall.They had 2 walls to go, but we were still worried because Jimmy had a laser R.P.G.He fired continuously into the second wall, completly demolishing it.He fired into the last walland ran through the hole.Joey shot him.However,Sean was up now, and aparently the others were coming through.There was more than We last saw.They had been recruiting.There was at least 35 of them now, and that was not good.They all came storming through the wall, but only to meet our 60 cal.they ran back,(or more like tried to)but by the time they turned around,they were either down for an amount of time or out.We took down about 7,but we were almost out of ammo,(the rest was in the the Hummer)and more were coming.
We soon used up the rest of our ammo on the onsluaght of imaginary friends and had to use our handheld guns.BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!"There's to many!_ _ _ _ _ _ _!(he he he,yu'll never know my name,NEVER!!!)We gotta go back to the hummer and get the rest o' the ammo!"said Joey."or retreat!" said Leppy."Your right! But how are we gonna get to the hummer!the exit's blocked!"
"wel one of us has to go,or we'll all get out!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Whew.That was a good suprise attack,but it was put down.So... the story...where did I leave off...ah,yes,the battle was about to begin.So, once we armed ourselves,we hopped into a Hummer, because each team could have one vehicle,and left.
I was driving,Joey had shotgun,and Leppy was on the mounted turret.We started to see the enemy on the horizon.They had choosen a large tank,and were heading torwards us at the fastest they could go.We knew that with just a few shells they could blow up our hummer,but they couldn't go anywhere near to as fast as us,so once they were in range but we were out of there's,we fired a quick,one gun volley of 60 cal. bullets,and drove away at top speed.Hit and run.Works every time.
After driving full speed for about 2 hours,we stopped at a place that would be good for making a stand,we got sharpend sticks in a fence formation,dug trenches,set up large walls of rock,dismounted the 60 cal. and set it behind the wall with the hummer ready to drive just in case,and every other thing that was in our power that would help us defensivly and auffensivly,and waited.

Friday, September 21, 2007

soooooooooooo............................and lazer tag

Soooooo.............Hi.I'm back.My first actual story that I tell you will start in this blog.Its about...hmmm... what should it be about?....Lazer tag?You think it should be about one of our lazer tag stories,Joey?Ok!Thats a good idea.Thanks,Joey.So,are you ready?Ok,then heeeuuuureeewego.It was friday.Joey and I both new what that ment.Lazer tag.We went outside.The teams were me,Joey,and Leppy the leprachuan against Mr.Snassaphrass,Goofy gopher,Roger,Jimmy,sean,(a new freind made just for playing lazer tag,and this Hobo named bob.We were outnumbered.Just the way we liked it.We went inside our fortress to choose our weapons.I got a lazer AK-47,that could be taken apart into two 44 cal. lazer Glocks,joey got a double barreled sawed of shotgun,and leppy got a lazer m-16,that had an atachable sniper scope,and we each got three lazer gernades."Let's go."I said.Wait a sec..isnt to day...friday???Ten that means...LAZER TAG!!!!AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!GET DOWN!!!!!!!!GOTTA GO ! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

HI.I'm _ _ _ _ _ _ _.This is my blog.I write in it.Ya.Yull never know my name.Never.
I have many storys that are lodged in my brain.(NO,this is not one of them go away Joey!)I am going to write all of them down in this blog.Who's Joey?How do you not know who joey is?!?!?Joey is only my one of my many non-imaginary friends!he was my very first one!He's been with me all my life!He's only my best and most faithful and comerad in lazer tag!opps, gotta go.Bye!