Thursday, October 9, 2008

He he he! I got a picture!

He he he! I got a picture!So, again, before I start my story, I would like you to go to Moose McMuffin's blog. Thanx!

Brent was about to start his battle when he heard his mother calling him. He left his army men there (becuase he knew that nobody would steal them, becuase nobody was within 5 square miles) and he sprinted half a mile home to his mother. The terrain was rough, even when he did have a path, but he was used to it. He ran and jumped over fallen trees, thorns, and roots until he finally got home. He wondered why his mother was calling. He then realized it was the late evening. So he went inside for dinner.
He sat down and had dinner. It was corn, potatoes, and ham. It was very good. He then had an apple pie (fresh from the oven) and then went up to his small room, laid down on his bed and read by candle light until about three in the morning, when he finally fell asleep with the wolfs howling and the owls hooting gently in the distance.

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