Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hi! So, with that said, let's continue the story.

Brent then dropped on the ground. He layed perfectly still. A huge grizzly bear shuffled up to him, sniffed him, then moved on, having other things to do. Brent waited several minutes before getting up. But bear encounters were common to him. Since he was miles into the woods, a lot of animals passed by. But before he could set up another battle, his mother called. It was very faint, but Brent had good ears and the woods had an echo. So he sprinted home.\
His mother was waiting for him on the porch.
"Good news!" she said. "Your Father will be able to come home for your birthday! Speaking of your birthday, what do you want?" she asked.
"Oh, you know exactly what I want!"
"When is father coming?"
"One week. He's getting on the boat tomorrow."
"Yay!" Brent screamed. Then he washed up for dinner. He was very exited. He loved his father. He would listen to his war stories, play games with him, and play with army men with him.
His father was recently transported to the Pacific, and Brent was very exited to hear his stories of fighting the Japs in the front lines. He had heard him fighting in Africa, France, and Bulgaria. He had many great stories, and Brent hoped he would have another.

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