Monday, November 3, 2008


Awww... Halloween is over... well that sucks... oh well, at least Thanksgiving is soon. Well, let's get on with the story.

John Ficher loaded his gun with blanks. The men were going to have a mock battle-god dang it! why are my spaces in between my lines so darn big?!?!?!?!?God, this is annoying! It just happens for no reason! Oh well. So, anyway, John Ficher and his men were about to have a mock battle using the new supplies they got. He took fifteen men, five jeeps and the Focke Wolf.
Yay! it stopped! So, anyway, "Alright! Let's go win!" He hopped on the back of a jeep with Private Vancovich, Major Smith, and Private Krakowski :). They left with two other jeeps and moved in arrowhead formation out through the thick jungle, and first sighted the enemy at the large field. They were in small numbers though. Then John made the mistake of taking his men out in the open. His men and him charged out, yelling and whooping. Then, suddenly, practically all of Sergeant O'Conner's force popped out of the woods surrounding Ficher's men, taking down everyone in one of the three jeeps. The other jeep lost two men and then, suddenly, John's jeep lost a wheel. He and his men jumped out and sprinted for the woods, calling a full retreat. The last jeep drove into the woods. John and his men just barely salvaged the 60 cal. and fired and blew up the two jeeps that were stranded. They couldn't risk having the other force getting two more jeeps. Then they regrouped in the jungle with the last jeep. They hopped in and drove back to their home starting place, where the men that stayed there were building some defense. It was cramped, since the jeeps were only meant for five, but they managed. The enemy followed them, of course, but they soon got to their stronghold, full of trenches, barbed wire, and a barracks. 
They ran in, setting up a defense pattern. It was only a matter of time before the enemy showed up. But they had brought the tanks, and their four jeeps. Things looked dim. Luckily, they had their fort in a cleared area.
The Focke Wolf flew in, blasting (not really) men, knocking them down, while Ficher and his men fired away at them from the trenches. Soon, there number was reduced to three. O'Conner's men surrendered.

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