Friday, December 14, 2007

"Are you sure that will work?"asked George.
"OK,whatever you say."
Ryan snuck on and looked at his map of the place he had stolen 3 years ago.
"OK,"he thought to himself."I know they did a few changes around here since I got this,so let's hope they did nothing too major."He crept to what he believed to be the power control center."minimal guards,"whispered Ryan.He dispatched the two guards quietly and crept in.
Bill was sitting in the power control tower.He was listening to his ipod,because monitoring the power was as boring as watching toenails grow.
Suddenly,something cold,hard,and metallic pressed against the back of his head.He had seen to many movies for him to turn around in wonder.A voice said "stand up with your hands on your head,"and he was soon tied up and gagged in the broom closet.
"Alright,I'm in,how are you guys doing?"
"I'm good."
So am I."
"copy that."
Ryan flicked a switch and the lights and monitors went out.He then left the control tower and went outside.
He walked to where the prisoners where and got clearance.
"Richard Johnson."
Ryan wanted to say general,but that wasn't on his tag and they didn't have generals for the coast guard.
"Go on through."
He heard laughing.
"That doesn't sound like prisoners..."he said .It wasn't.
"****!"it must have been renovated.The prisons must have been made into the barracks.
"Hey!"a coast guard said."A new guy!What's your name?"
"Richard Johnson."
Ryan saw a poster that said wanted with a picture of him on it.
"sorry,I got to go..."
"no ya don't!Stay here with us,newbie!"
"I said I have to GO!"on go,Ryan punched the man in the face as hard as he could and knocked him out.
"Hey!you can't hurt Billy and not be touched by us!"they all gathered together and approached Ryan.
"hey,uh,violet,I'm all alone without a weapon and Thar's about a hundred coast guard members about to kill me,soo...F.W.I., ya know,uhhh....I got to go now,bye."This can't turn out good,thought Ryan.This can't turn out good.

Friday, December 7, 2007

They left early that morning.
"Come on,guys,let's save our buddy in red."said Ryan.They left the hideout and hopped in a boat to the nearest coast guard marina.After an hour,they found it.
"We're going in no matter what,"said Ryan."None of us are staying behind."they then put on their disguises and went in one at a time.First was Ryan.He was in the uniform of a coast guard that had been knocked out and stuffed in our heroes' closet.He was let in after some persuasion.Next came Voilet.She was dressed as a coast guard's wife who was asked to come to visit.The others all passed in safety."OK,now we're all in,correct?"asked Ryan.They were talking through walkie talkies.
"Of course."
"OK,heres what we do."said Ryan.He told them the plan.And while Ryan's mouth was speaking,the mouths on the other ends began to drop open in awe.

Friday, November 16, 2007

of robbing and jet-skis

"To the boat!"said Ryan after breakfast that day.They drove away,looking for their next prey.Soon,they found it.

"fifty-seven feet long 10 person party boat,"said John.(I don't care what it was before,his name is now officially John,ok?!?!?!?)

"you amaze me when it comes to boats,"said Ryan.

"that usually means if there are guards,there's probably just one,"John continued."we could take 'em out easy."so they snuck on board and quickly and quietly knocked out the guard.To their suprise,though,there was another guard on board who was watching and now started to call the police.They took out everyone on board quickly,but not fast enough,because soon,they heard the sirens of the cost guard.

"Shnappleberry!"said Ryan and Violet,for this was a common substitute for the S word(I'm not allowed to say it because my parents might be reading this)in their family.

"What do we do?"asked George."our boat won't be able to outrun the coast guards'!"

"Don't worry,"said Violet."Ryan's Ryan!He'll think of something,right?"

"I already have,"said Ryan."Our boat can't outrun the coast guards'.But those jet-skis can,"and he pointed.Sure enough,there where six jet-skis on the deck,waiting for action.There was a red one,a purple one,a blue one,a green one,a yellow one,and a black one.

"Perfect!Let's go!"said Jake.He took the blue one,Chris took the yellow one,George took the green one, John took the black one,Violet took the purple one, and Ryan took the red one.
"Red starts with R, and R is for Ryan!"he said, and they pushed them off into the water and hopped onto them.
"So long,Suckers!!!"said George.The Coast Guard heard,but Ryan and the others were fine with it.If you have a witty catchphrase to say,say it. That was their rule.And anyway,they were all looking forward to a good Jet-ski chase.
They speed off as fast as they could in a triangular formation with the coast guard close behind.
BANG!!!"so they have guns,Ryan thought.He checked to his left and right(becuase he was at the front)to make sure all of his friends were there.They were.BANG!BANG!Ther were bullets being exchanged everywhere.Ryan checked again.Green,Purple,and yellow where there.To the right.Blue and Black were there.BANG! There was blur."Wait...Red was hit!Jake!!!!Jake!"
"It's OK!"said John."he wasn't hit!It was his jet -ski!"said John.Ryan looked back.He saw Jake being lifted up onto the coastguard boat and then taken below deck.The coast Guard stopped chasing them.They went home that night to try and figure out how to save Jake.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Family Reunion

They woke up the next morning with the sun shining and a tasty breakfast courtesy of Chris.

"Mmmmmm,"said Jake.

"Man,this is good Chris.What did you put in this?"asked Paul.was it John or Paul?I can't remember my own characters they're so many of them.Anyway,They all complimented Chris's food and then got dressed and went out to the nearest marina where they would meet Ryan's cousin.

They sailed for about two hours until they reached the place,and the boat was almost out of gas.

"you guys go find 'em.I'll take care of they boat,"said Ryan the rest of them went off to find Ryan's cousin while Ryan filled the boat with gas.

They walked into a crab house.It was empty,except for one person with their back turned to them sitting in the corner.

"Is that him?"

"I think..."They went over in the corner and Jake asked,"are you Ryan's cousin?"and they person stood up.

"Man,you're pretty slim for a girl?"said George.

"Thanks,"said Ryan's cousin.She was tall and thin,with brown hair and green eyes.She wore blue jeans and a tie dye tank-top.

"Hi..."said Chris,sort of confused.

"well,I know that this is sort of un-expected,she said,"you were probably expecting a guy,and if I were you,I would suspect that too, but I assure you,I'm the most guyish acting girl you can get.

"what's your name?"asked John.

"Violet,"she said."I'm gonna have to have a talk with Ryan.It seems he didn't even tell you that I was a girl,or my name.But that fits his characteristics from the last time I saw him.Always causing trouble.Just like when he was little.Well,what are you waiting for?Let's go!"so they went outside,and by now,the boat was full of gas and Ryan was paying the guy.They started running on to the ship,because they knew Ryan oh to well,and Ryan ran aboard to,and in just a few seconds,the guy was yelling and screaming about fake money and calling the police,and our heroes were speeding away.

Once they were far away,Violet walked up to where Ryan was steering."You haven't changed a bit!"they said in unison,and then started laughing.

"So,I hear you've got into pirating lately,"said violet

"Yup,"said Ryan."man,have I got a lot of stuff to show you!When was the last time we saw each other, like,20 yers ago?"

"twenty-one years,6 months,one week,three days and fifteen minutes,and about,well,I'd say fifteen seconds,about?Anyway,it's been a long time,Ryan."

"you've been counting,haven't you?"

"Howed you know?

"I know you only oh to well."and they started to laugh again as they speed off into the sunset.

Friday, November 2, 2007

first explosion of the story

The heroes of our story ran to the closet.Why,you ask?Because that's where their arsenal of guns is.They each got a weapon,tucked it into their back pockets,and went out the door.

"All right,we surrender,"said Ryan.They walked with the escort to the police boat."But seriously,how stupid are you guys for not thinking we don't have a singe gun with us?we're pirates,for crying out loud!"and they all pulled out their hidden guns and fired and blasted away.They had soon taken the upper deck of the ship,which was where the wheel was, and began to drive away from the disguised duck lodge.
"Where are we going?"asked George.
"The nearest oil barrier platform,"said Ryan.
Soon,(since it was a small boat)They took over the entire ship,and Jake,imitating the best voice of the guy that was talking on the microphone that he could said"we took care of them!No casualties on our side!Follow us!"and soon,they reached the oil platforms.
"All right,"said Ryan."Chris!Your the best shot out of all of us."Ryan was driving,so he slowly backed the boat away from the oil barrels so they were about 300 feet away. "Try to hit the oil,preferably that stack,"(he pointed)"preferably that barrel,"(he pointed again.)
"All right,"said Chris."I'll try."
He fired.They drove away as fast as possible right before the bullet hit,but the other two boats weren't expecting the explosion,and didn't escape.
Once they got back,Ryan said,"Are we awesome or what?"and everyone cheered.
"So,"said Jake,as they were all going to sleep,"you forgot to call that cousin of yours,"and Ryan got up,went outside for five minutes,and came back in."so is he coming?"
"cool!"said George,"so lets hear more about this cousin of yours!"Everyone else except for Ryan said"yea" or "sure",but Ryan said,"No guys,it's super late and I'm super tired.You'll meet 'em tomorrow,"(Ryan was saying 'em because he knew something they didn't know)and with a disappointing "aw" and a few long yawns,they went to sleep.

Friday, October 26, 2007

They then cocked there guns and walked out onto the deck.
"everyone stay calm,we are taking over this ship!"said Ryan.However,they didn't know that there were armed guards on the ship,who ran up guns blazing and the people on the ship cheered while Ryan and his friends took cover.However, since the guards were not very experienced since they had never actually been on a ship that was actually attacked before,they destroyed the ship more then they hit out heroes.In fact,they did not hit our heroes at all.Seeing that there was no harm,they walked up and Pual picked them up one by one and threw them all overboard onto a life raft for they were not truly evil and pushed them away from the ship and the rest of the people on board also left on life rafts.Our heroes plundered the ship taking anything of value and some food that looked tasty,and then coated the yacht with gasoline,threw down a match and quickly hopped in there speedboat and sped away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They walked up there ladder in their hideout disguised as a goose hunter lodge on the water.They got up and Chris started cooking While the others gathered around a dimly lit table and played black jack,five card stud,Texas hold 'em and other card games while they talked about the day's plunder,where and what they were going to rob next,and other things.
After they finished dinner they started to talk more.
"My cousin's out of work as a bounty hunter,"said Ryan.
"so?"said Chris.
"So they could stay with us until they get more work.They would be useful to have,"said Jake.
"that sounds good!"said Ryan."are you guys OK with that?"They all nodded with a few uh-huhs and some sures.
"Great;Ill call 'em right now!But it might be kinda weird because we're all guys,and-"but before Ryan could finish, there was a loud voice amplified by a megaphone from outside that said,"come out with your hands in the air!"and a gunshot.

Friday, October 19, 2007

new story

Wasn't that great?Anyway,now that story's over, so I'm gonna start a new one.This story is based of of my plans for the future:riding on jet-skis robbing cruise liners.The main character of my story is named Ryan.He's 32 and is a fun loving guy.He wears a yellow Hawaiian shirt with tan khaki pants.He has four friends: Jake,who's also 32 and wears a red Hawaiian shirt and khaki pants,Chris,a Latino guy,32,and wears a grey tank top with tan cargo shorts, Paul,33,a really big and tall African-American tough-guy who wears a green-blue tee-shirt with cut cargo shorts,and George,33,a Caucasian who wears an orange hawaiian shirt.So,now that you know the characters,lets get started with the story.
It starts out in the dark bilge of a bilge of a party boat which our heroes are about to rob...

Friday, October 5, 2007

The death of leppy(not the real death,the laser tag one.)

Kaboom!leppy threw a gernade and then ran out,killing four of the ****** before he got the **** beat out of him.We,however,escaped and got to the truck.
"forget the gun!"said Joey."we'll get it after we completely demolish these stupid ********who got leppy out!"
"Joey,my brother,"I said."I was thinkin just the same thing."
They had seen us now,and were coming torwards us.We drove full speed torward them running them over and getting them out by the dozens.Blam!Blam!I shot sean.permanently.The engine exploded.We dived out of the truck.The tank.We threw all of our grenades at it, and it exploded.We went trigger happy,firing every bullet from every gun that we had,until they all were completly totally,and in every way out.There was one of them left.Mr.snassaphrass,there leader.
we shot him.

Friday, September 28, 2007

SOON,the enemy came."okay guys,according to every movie in history and every game of laser tag we've ever played, we have to win this fight,"I said encouragingly."so,let's get this party started!"said Joey,and with that last remark,we began.
They fired and made a hole in our first wall."Uh oh... this could be bad..."we fired our machine gun back.Then, a hatch opened.Sean popped out with a machine gun,and open fired. I hit him on the shoulder,so he was down for 60 seconds by rule.they then came running out, guns blazing, and were coming through the hole in the first wall.They had 2 walls to go, but we were still worried because Jimmy had a laser R.P.G.He fired continuously into the second wall, completly demolishing it.He fired into the last walland ran through the hole.Joey shot him.However,Sean was up now, and aparently the others were coming through.There was more than We last saw.They had been recruiting.There was at least 35 of them now, and that was not good.They all came storming through the wall, but only to meet our 60 cal.they ran back,(or more like tried to)but by the time they turned around,they were either down for an amount of time or out.We took down about 7,but we were almost out of ammo,(the rest was in the the Hummer)and more were coming.
We soon used up the rest of our ammo on the onsluaght of imaginary friends and had to use our handheld guns.BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!"There's to many!_ _ _ _ _ _ _!(he he he,yu'll never know my name,NEVER!!!)We gotta go back to the hummer and get the rest o' the ammo!"said Joey."or retreat!" said Leppy."Your right! But how are we gonna get to the hummer!the exit's blocked!"
"wel one of us has to go,or we'll all get out!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Whew.That was a good suprise attack,but it was put down.So... the story...where did I leave off...ah,yes,the battle was about to begin.So, once we armed ourselves,we hopped into a Hummer, because each team could have one vehicle,and left.
I was driving,Joey had shotgun,and Leppy was on the mounted turret.We started to see the enemy on the horizon.They had choosen a large tank,and were heading torwards us at the fastest they could go.We knew that with just a few shells they could blow up our hummer,but they couldn't go anywhere near to as fast as us,so once they were in range but we were out of there's,we fired a quick,one gun volley of 60 cal. bullets,and drove away at top speed.Hit and run.Works every time.
After driving full speed for about 2 hours,we stopped at a place that would be good for making a stand,we got sharpend sticks in a fence formation,dug trenches,set up large walls of rock,dismounted the 60 cal. and set it behind the wall with the hummer ready to drive just in case,and every other thing that was in our power that would help us defensivly and auffensivly,and waited.

Friday, September 21, 2007

soooooooooooo............................and lazer tag

Soooooo.............Hi.I'm back.My first actual story that I tell you will start in this blog.Its about...hmmm... what should it be about?....Lazer tag?You think it should be about one of our lazer tag stories,Joey?Ok!Thats a good idea.Thanks,Joey.So,are you ready?Ok,then heeeuuuureeewego.It was friday.Joey and I both new what that ment.Lazer tag.We went outside.The teams were me,Joey,and Leppy the leprachuan against Mr.Snassaphrass,Goofy gopher,Roger,Jimmy,sean,(a new freind made just for playing lazer tag,and this Hobo named bob.We were outnumbered.Just the way we liked it.We went inside our fortress to choose our weapons.I got a lazer AK-47,that could be taken apart into two 44 cal. lazer Glocks,joey got a double barreled sawed of shotgun,and leppy got a lazer m-16,that had an atachable sniper scope,and we each got three lazer gernades."Let's go."I said.Wait a sec..isnt to day...friday???Ten that means...LAZER TAG!!!!AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!GET DOWN!!!!!!!!GOTTA GO ! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

HI.I'm _ _ _ _ _ _ _.This is my blog.I write in it.Ya.Yull never know my name.Never.
I have many storys that are lodged in my brain.(NO,this is not one of them go away Joey!)I am going to write all of them down in this blog.Who's Joey?How do you not know who joey is?!?!?Joey is only my one of my many non-imaginary friends!he was my very first one!He's been with me all my life!He's only my best and most faithful and comerad in lazer tag!opps, gotta go.Bye!