Friday, February 27, 2009


SWEDEN!! oh, sorry. SO, the last post.Um... WEll... UH... Something really weird happened to a friend of mine... he couldn't type in english... it was really weird... when it stopped, he found out it was some language called Kannada. Never heard of it. Not maple leaf Canada, Kannada. It looked middle eastern. Anyway, the story... right...
John Ficher had met with the British Colonel, and gave him the 411 on what was happening and what had happened. He understood. They had come with Germans and Japanese on their tails, so it wasn't long before they were joined with the other Germans and were planning another attack.
However, the British had come with five jeeps, ten pieces of artillery, a Tank, And something the Americans had never seen before: a British Destroyer, to combat the battleship and landing crafts and U-Boats the Germans had come with. It was a slim chance, but they prayed it would do something. Even when Ficher had another officer with him, he still felt overwhelmed. For the first time ever, he had so many troops that he didn't know what to do with them. Each post was heavily reinforced, and new posts where added, and he still had a jeep, two pieces of artillery, and fifteen men leftover. He reinforced the new posts with more men and waited. He didn't have to wait for long.
Gunshots were heard on the northern side of the island. It was the tip of the island,  where there was a giant mud-pit that used to be a bunker. The Germans had done well. They chose a good place to attack. The forces were weak there, and they couldn't retreat quickly because the jeeps would have mud in the tires, slowing them down. 
"Let's get reinforcements over their, STAT!" John screamed over the walkie talkie. No answer. Soon, gunshots were heard everywhere. The Germans were attacking everywhere where there were troops. John knew that he and Colonel McRayn were extremely outnumbered. 
"McRayn, you still there?"
"I read ya, mate. We got Krauts all over here. We're outnumbered, four to one. What about you?"
" Me and my boys haven't seen any action yet. We just gotta keep waitin'."
And wait he did. An hour passed of no action. he heard screams over his walkie talkie. There were gunshots everywhere. He just couldn't stand it anymore. He was about to scream, when he heard a crackly voice over the walkie talkie.
" We (static) backup n(static) the mid southwest of(static)-nd! WE NEED BACKUP NOW!" (static) and the transmission ended. John saw this as an escape to get into battle. 
" I'm gonna take a jeep around and take one man from each post, go give those guys some reinforcements! Smith, you're in charge. Stay here! don't leave this post!!!" they all saluted. John hopped into a jeep, and twisted the keys.
"Yippee kay yay mutha f**ka!"he whispered to himself and pushed on the gas. (Bruce Willice wasn't the first!!)
And he drove. He drove across dunes, making jumps, swerving through tank 
traps, picking up men. Soon he had four others. They drove all around, helping 
other posts, saving lives. Unfortunately, many of the battles they fought were
not victorious.
Finally, they got to the southwest side. But a tree was blocking the way.
John noticed a hill.
"No man, don't do it, Lieutenant." a G.I. said.
"It's the only way," said John. He then pushed on the gas. VROOM!! The
jeep sped forward, and they were airborne. They started to lift up out of their
seats. The men in the jeep were looking at each other in terror. John just
smiled and yelled "WAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" waving his helmet in the air.
"On three, bail." John said.
"What?!?" the G.I.s said in unison.
"Do you want to be on this jeep when it explodes?" they all shook their
"Then BAIL! One... Two..."
Rolph Wolfenstien was fighting, when he noticed a shadow growing larger 
above him. He looked up.
"Oh s**t." he said. Let's leave the rest of what happened to him up to the
imagination of our readers.
John landed and rolled, landing right behind a pile of sand bags. But not 
before he took out a few Germans with his handgun. His men scrambled for 
cover; their landings not quite as smooth as his. Unfortunately, he and soon
to retreat, alone. He hopped into a jeep and couldn't find the keys.
"S**t!" he yelled. He then realized he knew how to hot-wire a car. He
stuck his knife in and drove off, driving with one hand and operating the 60 cal.
blindly with the other. While he drove, he heard that the rest of the men had
retreated to the north western side of the island. He drove for his life. He 
swerved in between trees, jumped over hills, but this was no time for fun. It was
time for survival, and getting to the destination. It was time to do his job.
He got there, but not before the jeep had burst into flames. He sprinted
across half of the island. Soon he saw a half hearted barricade, with forty or so
men behind it. It consisted of flipped jeeps, rearranged sandbags, and quickly 
dug foxholes. He ducked in cover and sprinted behind. McRayn was there, a
beretta in his hand.
"Good to see you alive!" Frank McRayn said.
"Likewise. I hope we'll stay this way."
" Not bloody likely, by the looks of it. We're almost out of ammunition, 
and we're losin' men, fast. there's medical kits and ammunition in that 
truck over there, but as you can see, it's fifty yards away and on fire, mate."
"Well, I guess I'll have to go."
"Don't even think about it."
"Sorry, but, bye!" and John sped off. But he regretted it as soon as he took
five steps.
He was running for his life. All of the fire from sixty guns were focused on
him. He threw out his magnum and shot at them, and ran as fast as he could.
(Which he would never know was twenty-four miles an hour.)
He made it, and dived behind the flaming wreck. He jumped inside, 
grabbed the ammunition cases and medical kits, and signaled to Frank. He
held three fingers. Two. One.
"Everyone cover Ficher!" Frank yelled to his men. They did. John just 
barely made it. When he was behind the barricade, a medic inspected him. He
had been hit with three bullets, and had five one degree burns and a two 
degree burn on the back of his right hand. He felt no pain as the medic dressed
the wounds and pulled out the bullets. He was just happy to be alive.
"We've got to give up the island." Frank said. 
"NO." John said.He had sworn he would never give up the island to the 
enemy. He swore to never give up. There was only twenty out of eighty of
them left.
"I'm not going to leave. I'll give you the chance to escape. There are three
rafts. The rafts are only for five, anyway. It'd be to cramped to operate. Just go.
I can't leave.I swore to never give this island up. And I never will. A captain goes 
down with his ship. This is my ship. If this island is goin' down in flames, I'm 
burnin' with it." The men saluted him.
"See you in a few years, mate."
"I certainly hope not. Bye McRayn." And the remaining men left. John 
loaded his gun. The Germans started shooting at the rafts. John pulled the pin
out of his last grenade and said, "HEY! YOU DAMN KRAUTS!! HAVE A PRESENT!!!"
and he lobbed it over the barricade. He knew it was a successful throw from the 
screams and explosions, and the thud of bodies hitting the ground.
jumped out from behind the barricade, guns blazing.

THE END (or is it?)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


HURRAZ!!!I managed to make it happy!! So let's continue! 

Brent was happy. He had found his army man, and he fought and
 won many battles. He was running home for dinner one day when his mother 
told him that there was another family moving very close by. He was delighted, 
and he decided to do some reconnaissance. He put on some of his camouflage 
colored clothing and sprinted through the forest. He found a partially built house, and there
 were no people there since it was late at night. He didn't have a flashlight, since that would ruin his night vision. He could see very well now, and he spotted many things. But nothing was important. Signs, hammers, wood, screws, and nails were all that was there. So he wandered back home and went to sleep.
He had waited four months now, and the family had just moved in yesterday. His father was back fighting in Europe, but Brent and his mother went over to the house to say hello and welcome. They knocked on the door, and a nine year boy answered it.
"Mum, the neighbors are 'ere!" the boy said, with a cockney accent. a tall woman glided to the door.
"Well, hello! My name's Elizabeth. You must be the the O'Conners. Nice to meet you. I'm afraid Ronald is fighting in the war, but me and my son would love to meet you." said the tall woman.
"Yes, I'm Mary," replied Brent's mom, "and this is my son, Brent. His father is also fighting in the war."
"Hello, I'm Brent," said Brent as he held out his hand to the other boy. The boy shook it, enthusiastically.
"Pleasure to meet you. I'm Will." said the boy.
"Well, don't just stand there, come on in!" Elizabeth beckoned. 
They shuffled inside, and Will took Brent upstairs. His room was covered
with propaganda posters from WW2 and WW1.
"Do you like army men?" Will asked.
"Definitely. I have an island where I play with them."
"Cool. I loike 'em too. My dads in the Green Berets," he said.
"Really? That's pretty cool. My dads with Delta Force."
"Amazing. So, you wont to go play wit' some army men?"
"Of course! Just follow me to Brent Island where mine are!" Brent and Will ran 
downstairs and were soon at Brent Island. They made each other familiar with
each other's men, since Brent had never seen British army men from Britain 
before and Will had never seen American army men from America before, 
but after that was done they set up a battle and prepared to fight both of 
their Germans, Japanese, and Italians combined. It was a massive 
battle of Eighty men versus one hundred. Neither had ever seen such 
a sight. Both were exited out of their minds.