Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Neeeew Story! Huraz!

That was an awesome story!!!!!!!! But I got bored of it in the end,so 
I added a surprise ending. But what should my next story be about? Hmmmmm.... well, what do I like? I like... uh... my computer... my dog... my army men... Ooh! I'll make it about army men! But before we start, I'd like to ask you to check out my friend Moose Mcmuffin's blog: The Mooseyest blog around. That's the name. So, let's get started, shall we? 

Brent was a young kid, around 10, who loved army men. He lived in 1941. America was in the second world war. Brent's family was very poor. They lived in a small house in Michigan, on a lake. His father was off fighting in the War, And his Mother was left to take care of him. Since his family couldn't afford for him to go to school, nor was there one near by, he was left to himself much of the time. He wandered about the massive forests, climbing trees, building small wooden bridges made out of logs over creeks, watching animals, and builds rafts to sail out onto the lake. But mostly, he played with army men. He  found a small island once, when he was little, with every terrain on it- it had a sandy beach, a rocky beach, a small pond, a creek, a sandy pit, a place with small little trees, a small grassy area, and a place with normal sized trees. 
This was his Island, Brent's Island, and he loved it dearly. This is were he played with his army men.
He didn't have many-87, to be exact. Even though this sounds like a lot, it isn't... trust me. He had 30 American G.I.'s-5 machine gunners, 10 riflemen, 2 medics, a lookout man, A lieutenant, 5 snipers, two radio men,three grenade men, a mounted machine gunner, two Bazooka men, and three mortar men. He had a troop of thirty Germans, fifteen Japanese, and a British support team of twelve men. He also had 4 jeeps, 5 pieces of artillery, a tank, some sandbags, a german bomber, a barracks, a medical truck, and a Focke Wolf plane. The rest he had to make.
He had just got to his Island now, and the Americans were preparing to battle an oncoming team of Germans...

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