Friday, August 29, 2008

next spacey ship entry

Hi! So, where we left off, he just passed the spiny test. "Wow!" Screamed Charlie.   "That was awesome! So, whatsnextwhatsnextwhatsnext??????????" "Slow down, Charlie!" said the man in the white lab coat. "Now, that was a very old machine. Now we can just download the skills into your brain. So, come with me." and he took off into another room with Charlie running behind. 
" So here we are at the download center," the man said," and all we need to do is plug you in and you'll be ready to go." The man strapped Charlie down in a chair and pulled out from a drawer behind him a strange helmet, with wires and cords sticking out from everywhere possible. He then put it on Charlie's head and turned on the computer. He clicked and scrolled and move through file after file until he had clicked a button that said "DOWNLOAD" and a progress bar popped up. For about ten seconds, nothing happened.
Suddenly, charlie felt a jolt. A bump. Nothing more than that. It stung a little, not much less that a bee sting. The progress bar flashed." 1%" said a voice.
"Now,this could hurt a little, said the man in the white lab coat. He pressed a stream of buttons on the keyboard, to fast for Charlie to follow, then...
Thousands of the little jolts came. Charlie was bouncing in the chair. Thousands of pictures flashed across the screen at super speed. Charlie had never felt more pain in his life. Quickly, he got a throbbing headache. He was screaming now, screaming in pain. It felt like 10,000,000,000 needles being stabbed into his head at the same time. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, the progress bar said : DOWNLOAD COMPLETE.