Friday, October 10, 2008

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John Ficher woke up the next day, around seven. He had a quick breakfast, then, realizing that the enemy was only bout a half mile away, he picked up his submachine gun and got a few clips. He then got his squad and advanced to their position on the beach. 
They were part of the first line of fire. Advancing to a trench, a log, and some sandbags, they loaded up and waited. But not for long. BOOM! One of their artillery pieces fired, and the enemy replied. BOOM! The artillery were firing back and fourth, joined in by more and more. Then the enemy landed on the beach. "Open Fire!" screamed Ficher, and the bangs of rifles and the rata-tat-tats of machine guns went off. Men fell all around Ficher. Bang! Bang! Ahhhh! Boom! "RETREAT!" "FALLBACK, FALLBACK!" Ficher heard a german say advance! in german, and he shot to where the sound came from, believing it was an officer. But it was hard to hear anything amidst the yelling, screaming, and gunfire. Ficher saw the enemy surrounding the trench. He had no choice but to fall back to the next trench.
The germans had now cleared a third of the beach of Ficher's platoon. They were all dead or had fallen back to the second line of defense. But suddenly, the Germans' advance was pushed back, as the snipers picked off the oncoming Germans one by one. The snipers were in the perfect spots. The thick, jungle-like trees surrounding the beach made the gunfire echo, so the Germans could not tell where the snipers were, they fired into nothingness, wasting ammunition. Even though there was only a five snipers, it sounded like fifty because of the echo, so the Germans were scared out of their wits.
Suddenly, half of Ficher's platoon popped up out of nowhere, shooting, yelling, whooping, and throwing grenades, taking the Germans by surprise. Then, John got a call from the radio man on top of the mountain on his walkie talkie. "John Ficher! John Ficher! (static) Japs on the (static) side! Repeat! (static) -ther beach! (static)fifteen!Take (static) over th-(static) them out!" 
wait... why are the spaces in between the lines so big? oh well. "Roger that." he said. He took his squad (all still alive) to the back of the beach, on the part where it and the forest collide, and told them what he knew.  They took a few extra rounds with them, and then hopped into a jeep. They drove for about twenty minutes, until they saw the japs, sneaking around from behind. They had jeeps too, except they had three. Luckily, Ficher and his men had a 60 cal. mounted machine gun on theirs, too. But they wondered how the japs got onto the island on that side. The current was way to fast for a regular sized landing craft to get there. And how could they have fitted all those jeeps? They must have had a battleship, or something. But, that wasn't what was important now. It was the Japs. So he and his men loaded up, with Private Vancovich on the mounted machine gun. They burst out of the forest, surprising the Japs and they shot out a wheel on one of the jeeps. They then drove off through the forest with the two Japanese jeeps close behind. 
The mounted Machine gun was a swivel, so Vancovich could turn around and shoot from behind. But the Japanese gunners couldn't fire very well because of the driver, so they rarely shot. BANGBANGBANG! Vancovich shot one of the Jap drivers and the jeep swerved to the side. But the other jeep they shot the tire of had it's tire changed and was gaining on them fast with the other jeep. But-BAM! One jeep lost control and smashed into a tree. BANGBANGBANGBANG! Ficher's Jeep's engine stated to spew black smoke and sputter. But, the Japs just couldn't finish them of, because Vancovich shot right in between the Jap grill and blew it sky high. But soon, before they were half way across the island, the engine blew out and they had to walk.
It was about a 30 minute walk across the island hightwise. After about ten minutes, John got another radio call from Major Hart on the beach.
"John! (static) we're (static) trouble! Half the (static) dead! They've g- (static) tank! (static) corpses everywhere! (static) eight (static) left! they've got (static) heavy armored battleship! we (static) it out! our artil- (static) captured! AAHHHHH!!!! And the transmission ended. 
John and his men sprinted through the jungle, finally coming out onto the beach, firing and yelling, giving the enemy everything they had, with the battleship's massive shadow covering them. Vancovich was the first to go. Followed by Smith. Then Shannon. But, then, the British support group came up from behind the enemy, taking them by surprise. They picked most until the battleship waved a white flag. They had repelled another attack, but at a great cost.
Two thirds of Ficher's platoon was killed. Three eighths were injured. The medics went around tending wounds. Ficher was exhausted. He suddenly collapsed on the beach, unconscious of exhaustion. 

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