Tuesday, October 28, 2008


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!Now that that's over with,let's continue.

Does my font still work? OK. So, anyway, why wuld the world explode? Who knows? I guess becuase the world is stupid. Stupid world. Always being stupid. Anyway, mabye it's beacuase clouds are too fluffy. That's one of the ways I would like to die-bouncing on a cloud. I'll invent something that does that someday. Lets you walk on clouds. That would be awesome. You could just be all like, I'm gonna walk on a cloud now, and then just go up and bounce on it like a trampoline...wait! what the heck am I writing about? I don't no...so, the clouds are going to become purple some day. An they're gonna be all like, stupid white! that's a boring culur. FCLKJESBHGKINX7DDDDDD98UES0 Y74930 AJI;PABJ; A.F[ACIJUQMOYU43801TB098TQYUM10.LCXR-9U3QNHVCUWPOI!!!!!!!!!!sPAZ ATTACK!!!!!K4PL3QNU54-9218Y5K,1798RV34PQY8VC 9-3RTIW0NV-PV8YNQ[98RWN8YRVQP98 M3[8B,\\\\ VT839-QAVRRRRRRRRRRY!!!!!whew, I'm glad that's over. I hate spaz attack!!!ceajklf nkoreqyrpIOPYQPONUIp nurp FOX!!!!!!!!FOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXOFOX!!!!!!!!!!Ok, I think it's ov-tiufwb ponwudsnhoiufdhmhmhmhmapiugeo,hughOGYOMRUOGyo!!!!!!!! Ok, so, now it's definatly over. So, why is the keyboard in suhcweird oreder? why can't it just be in alphabetical order to make things simpler? Weird. Wierd. Weeeuurd. Wired. Wiered. I don't no how to spell it. AAHHHHHHH!!!!! so, did't I have story going? Oh yes, I did.
So, John Ficher Assembled his men. "We got news!" he said. "The Chief is coming! We got to prepare! Come on! Get some clips! we got to build cover! dig sandbags! Let's go let's go let's go let's go!!!! And Uh, I think we'll be recieving some reinforcments soon. So we got to salvage some extra space in the barracks. Alright men let's go!!!!" The men scattered about the island, making ready for what was to come.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!FOXFOXFOXFOXFOX!!!!!!!!

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