Friday, November 2, 2007

first explosion of the story

The heroes of our story ran to the closet.Why,you ask?Because that's where their arsenal of guns is.They each got a weapon,tucked it into their back pockets,and went out the door.

"All right,we surrender,"said Ryan.They walked with the escort to the police boat."But seriously,how stupid are you guys for not thinking we don't have a singe gun with us?we're pirates,for crying out loud!"and they all pulled out their hidden guns and fired and blasted away.They had soon taken the upper deck of the ship,which was where the wheel was, and began to drive away from the disguised duck lodge.
"Where are we going?"asked George.
"The nearest oil barrier platform,"said Ryan.
Soon,(since it was a small boat)They took over the entire ship,and Jake,imitating the best voice of the guy that was talking on the microphone that he could said"we took care of them!No casualties on our side!Follow us!"and soon,they reached the oil platforms.
"All right,"said Ryan."Chris!Your the best shot out of all of us."Ryan was driving,so he slowly backed the boat away from the oil barrels so they were about 300 feet away. "Try to hit the oil,preferably that stack,"(he pointed)"preferably that barrel,"(he pointed again.)
"All right,"said Chris."I'll try."
He fired.They drove away as fast as possible right before the bullet hit,but the other two boats weren't expecting the explosion,and didn't escape.
Once they got back,Ryan said,"Are we awesome or what?"and everyone cheered.
"So,"said Jake,as they were all going to sleep,"you forgot to call that cousin of yours,"and Ryan got up,went outside for five minutes,and came back in."so is he coming?"
"cool!"said George,"so lets hear more about this cousin of yours!"Everyone else except for Ryan said"yea" or "sure",but Ryan said,"No guys,it's super late and I'm super tired.You'll meet 'em tomorrow,"(Ryan was saying 'em because he knew something they didn't know)and with a disappointing "aw" and a few long yawns,they went to sleep.

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