Friday, October 19, 2007

new story

Wasn't that great?Anyway,now that story's over, so I'm gonna start a new one.This story is based of of my plans for the future:riding on jet-skis robbing cruise liners.The main character of my story is named Ryan.He's 32 and is a fun loving guy.He wears a yellow Hawaiian shirt with tan khaki pants.He has four friends: Jake,who's also 32 and wears a red Hawaiian shirt and khaki pants,Chris,a Latino guy,32,and wears a grey tank top with tan cargo shorts, Paul,33,a really big and tall African-American tough-guy who wears a green-blue tee-shirt with cut cargo shorts,and George,33,a Caucasian who wears an orange hawaiian shirt.So,now that you know the characters,lets get started with the story.
It starts out in the dark bilge of a bilge of a party boat which our heroes are about to rob...

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Nan said...

Then what happened????

Nancy (your mom's friend in Vermont)