Friday, November 16, 2007

of robbing and jet-skis

"To the boat!"said Ryan after breakfast that day.They drove away,looking for their next prey.Soon,they found it.

"fifty-seven feet long 10 person party boat,"said John.(I don't care what it was before,his name is now officially John,ok?!?!?!?)

"you amaze me when it comes to boats,"said Ryan.

"that usually means if there are guards,there's probably just one,"John continued."we could take 'em out easy."so they snuck on board and quickly and quietly knocked out the guard.To their suprise,though,there was another guard on board who was watching and now started to call the police.They took out everyone on board quickly,but not fast enough,because soon,they heard the sirens of the cost guard.

"Shnappleberry!"said Ryan and Violet,for this was a common substitute for the S word(I'm not allowed to say it because my parents might be reading this)in their family.

"What do we do?"asked George."our boat won't be able to outrun the coast guards'!"

"Don't worry,"said Violet."Ryan's Ryan!He'll think of something,right?"

"I already have,"said Ryan."Our boat can't outrun the coast guards'.But those jet-skis can,"and he pointed.Sure enough,there where six jet-skis on the deck,waiting for action.There was a red one,a purple one,a blue one,a green one,a yellow one,and a black one.

"Perfect!Let's go!"said Jake.He took the blue one,Chris took the yellow one,George took the green one, John took the black one,Violet took the purple one, and Ryan took the red one.
"Red starts with R, and R is for Ryan!"he said, and they pushed them off into the water and hopped onto them.
"So long,Suckers!!!"said George.The Coast Guard heard,but Ryan and the others were fine with it.If you have a witty catchphrase to say,say it. That was their rule.And anyway,they were all looking forward to a good Jet-ski chase.
They speed off as fast as they could in a triangular formation with the coast guard close behind.
BANG!!!"so they have guns,Ryan thought.He checked to his left and right(becuase he was at the front)to make sure all of his friends were there.They were.BANG!BANG!Ther were bullets being exchanged everywhere.Ryan checked again.Green,Purple,and yellow where there.To the right.Blue and Black were there.BANG! There was blur."Wait...Red was hit!Jake!!!!Jake!"
"It's OK!"said John."he wasn't hit!It was his jet -ski!"said John.Ryan looked back.He saw Jake being lifted up onto the coastguard boat and then taken below deck.The coast Guard stopped chasing them.They went home that night to try and figure out how to save Jake.

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