Saturday, September 22, 2007


Whew.That was a good suprise attack,but it was put down.So... the story...where did I leave off...ah,yes,the battle was about to begin.So, once we armed ourselves,we hopped into a Hummer, because each team could have one vehicle,and left.
I was driving,Joey had shotgun,and Leppy was on the mounted turret.We started to see the enemy on the horizon.They had choosen a large tank,and were heading torwards us at the fastest they could go.We knew that with just a few shells they could blow up our hummer,but they couldn't go anywhere near to as fast as us,so once they were in range but we were out of there's,we fired a quick,one gun volley of 60 cal. bullets,and drove away at top speed.Hit and run.Works every time.
After driving full speed for about 2 hours,we stopped at a place that would be good for making a stand,we got sharpend sticks in a fence formation,dug trenches,set up large walls of rock,dismounted the 60 cal. and set it behind the wall with the hummer ready to drive just in case,and every other thing that was in our power that would help us defensivly and auffensivly,and waited.

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