Friday, November 9, 2007

Family Reunion

They woke up the next morning with the sun shining and a tasty breakfast courtesy of Chris.

"Mmmmmm,"said Jake.

"Man,this is good Chris.What did you put in this?"asked Paul.was it John or Paul?I can't remember my own characters they're so many of them.Anyway,They all complimented Chris's food and then got dressed and went out to the nearest marina where they would meet Ryan's cousin.

They sailed for about two hours until they reached the place,and the boat was almost out of gas.

"you guys go find 'em.I'll take care of they boat,"said Ryan the rest of them went off to find Ryan's cousin while Ryan filled the boat with gas.

They walked into a crab house.It was empty,except for one person with their back turned to them sitting in the corner.

"Is that him?"

"I think..."They went over in the corner and Jake asked,"are you Ryan's cousin?"and they person stood up.

"Man,you're pretty slim for a girl?"said George.

"Thanks,"said Ryan's cousin.She was tall and thin,with brown hair and green eyes.She wore blue jeans and a tie dye tank-top.

"Hi..."said Chris,sort of confused.

"well,I know that this is sort of un-expected,she said,"you were probably expecting a guy,and if I were you,I would suspect that too, but I assure you,I'm the most guyish acting girl you can get.

"what's your name?"asked John.

"Violet,"she said."I'm gonna have to have a talk with Ryan.It seems he didn't even tell you that I was a girl,or my name.But that fits his characteristics from the last time I saw him.Always causing trouble.Just like when he was little.Well,what are you waiting for?Let's go!"so they went outside,and by now,the boat was full of gas and Ryan was paying the guy.They started running on to the ship,because they knew Ryan oh to well,and Ryan ran aboard to,and in just a few seconds,the guy was yelling and screaming about fake money and calling the police,and our heroes were speeding away.

Once they were far away,Violet walked up to where Ryan was steering."You haven't changed a bit!"they said in unison,and then started laughing.

"So,I hear you've got into pirating lately,"said violet

"Yup,"said Ryan."man,have I got a lot of stuff to show you!When was the last time we saw each other, like,20 yers ago?"

"twenty-one years,6 months,one week,three days and fifteen minutes,and about,well,I'd say fifteen seconds,about?Anyway,it's been a long time,Ryan."

"you've been counting,haven't you?"

"Howed you know?

"I know you only oh to well."and they started to laugh again as they speed off into the sunset.

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