Friday, December 7, 2007

They left early that morning.
"Come on,guys,let's save our buddy in red."said Ryan.They left the hideout and hopped in a boat to the nearest coast guard marina.After an hour,they found it.
"We're going in no matter what,"said Ryan."None of us are staying behind."they then put on their disguises and went in one at a time.First was Ryan.He was in the uniform of a coast guard that had been knocked out and stuffed in our heroes' closet.He was let in after some persuasion.Next came Voilet.She was dressed as a coast guard's wife who was asked to come to visit.The others all passed in safety."OK,now we're all in,correct?"asked Ryan.They were talking through walkie talkies.
"Of course."
"OK,heres what we do."said Ryan.He told them the plan.And while Ryan's mouth was speaking,the mouths on the other ends began to drop open in awe.

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