Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yay! hallows eve!

YAY! Hallows Eve!Hallows Eve is what I call the night before Halloween. So, with that over with let's continue.

Brent woke up very exited. Today was the day dad was coming home. He sprinted downstairs, expecting to see him sitting with his mom sitting at the table having breakfast. But nobody was down there. He looked out the window, seeing the sun just barely coming off the horizon. "Oh," he said, realizing that he wouldn't be here yet and his mother would still be asleep. So he went to the kitchen and put together some breakfast for when his dad came home.
While the eggs were frying, he looked around the house, noticing nothing unusual. then he spotted a small box colourfully wrapped, and for a split second he wondered what it was. The he remembered it was his birthday today. Looking at the calender to make sure, he realized that today was the circled date, July 23. He was so happy he started jumping up and down, but quickly stopped in fear of waking up his mother.
His mom walked downstairs around 8:30. She was surprised to see breakfast made and the table set, with Brent sitting in a chair reading a book and drinking a glass if orange juice. She smiled, and heard a knock at the door. They both ran to the hallway and yanked the door open.
"Here's your paper, mam." said Frank, the mailman.
"Frank, you know you don't have to come all the way up here to deliver the paper! We can just go to town to get it!"
" Sorry mam, old habits die hard. Well, have a good day!"
"You too, now. Goodbye!" and Frank walked down the road to a red pick up truck with faded paint. They closed the door, but didn't go far, becuase they heard a muffled "Hey Frank!" and they spun around and opened the door, only to see Brent's father.
"Hey honey!" he said and kissed his wife on the cheek. Then he stooped and picked up Brent and hugged him. "Happy Birthday!" said. They went and had breakfast, then a suprise cake that Brent's mom had baked the night before. After they finished, they shuffled over to Brent's present.
"Well, open it!" His Mother said. he tore open the present, reavealing two tanks, a long strip of barbed wire, sandbags, and five more jeeps, along with ten italians and ten more japanese. He pulled his father to his island, and they began to battle.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!Now that that's over with,let's continue.

Does my font still work? OK. So, anyway, why wuld the world explode? Who knows? I guess becuase the world is stupid. Stupid world. Always being stupid. Anyway, mabye it's beacuase clouds are too fluffy. That's one of the ways I would like to die-bouncing on a cloud. I'll invent something that does that someday. Lets you walk on clouds. That would be awesome. You could just be all like, I'm gonna walk on a cloud now, and then just go up and bounce on it like a trampoline...wait! what the heck am I writing about? I don't, the clouds are going to become purple some day. An they're gonna be all like, stupid white! that's a boring culur. FCLKJESBHGKINX7DDDDDD98UES0 Y74930 AJI;PABJ; A.F[ACIJUQMOYU43801TB098TQYUM10.LCXR-9U3QNHVCUWPOI!!!!!!!!!!sPAZ ATTACK!!!!!K4PL3QNU54-9218Y5K,1798RV34PQY8VC 9-3RTIW0NV-PV8YNQ[98RWN8YRVQP98 M3[8B,\\\\ VT839-QAVRRRRRRRRRRY!!!!!whew, I'm glad that's over. I hate spaz attack!!!ceajklf nkoreqyrpIOPYQPONUIp nurp FOX!!!!!!!!FOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXFOXOFOX!!!!!!!!!!Ok, I think it's ov-tiufwb ponwudsnhoiufdhmhmhmhmapiugeo,hughOGYOMRUOGyo!!!!!!!! Ok, so, now it's definatly over. So, why is the keyboard in suhcweird oreder? why can't it just be in alphabetical order to make things simpler? Weird. Wierd. Weeeuurd. Wired. Wiered. I don't no how to spell it. AAHHHHHHH!!!!! so, did't I have story going? Oh yes, I did.
So, John Ficher Assembled his men. "We got news!" he said. "The Chief is coming! We got to prepare! Come on! Get some clips! we got to build cover! dig sandbags! Let's go let's go let's go let's go!!!! And Uh, I think we'll be recieving some reinforcments soon. So we got to salvage some extra space in the barracks. Alright men let's go!!!!" The men scattered about the island, making ready for what was to come.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!FOXFOXFOXFOXFOX!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hi! So, with that said, let's continue the story.

Brent then dropped on the ground. He layed perfectly still. A huge grizzly bear shuffled up to him, sniffed him, then moved on, having other things to do. Brent waited several minutes before getting up. But bear encounters were common to him. Since he was miles into the woods, a lot of animals passed by. But before he could set up another battle, his mother called. It was very faint, but Brent had good ears and the woods had an echo. So he sprinted home.\
His mother was waiting for him on the porch.
"Good news!" she said. "Your Father will be able to come home for your birthday! Speaking of your birthday, what do you want?" she asked.
"Oh, you know exactly what I want!"
"When is father coming?"
"One week. He's getting on the boat tomorrow."
"Yay!" Brent screamed. Then he washed up for dinner. He was very exited. He loved his father. He would listen to his war stories, play games with him, and play with army men with him.
His father was recently transported to the Pacific, and Brent was very exited to hear his stories of fighting the Japs in the front lines. He had heard him fighting in Africa, France, and Bulgaria. He had many great stories, and Brent hoped he would have another.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Next chapter

Go to the moose's blog!NOW!!! back to the story...
John Ficher woke up the next day, around seven. He had a quick breakfast, then, realizing that the enemy was only bout a half mile away, he picked up his submachine gun and got a few clips. He then got his squad and advanced to their position on the beach. 
They were part of the first line of fire. Advancing to a trench, a log, and some sandbags, they loaded up and waited. But not for long. BOOM! One of their artillery pieces fired, and the enemy replied. BOOM! The artillery were firing back and fourth, joined in by more and more. Then the enemy landed on the beach. "Open Fire!" screamed Ficher, and the bangs of rifles and the rata-tat-tats of machine guns went off. Men fell all around Ficher. Bang! Bang! Ahhhh! Boom! "RETREAT!" "FALLBACK, FALLBACK!" Ficher heard a german say advance! in german, and he shot to where the sound came from, believing it was an officer. But it was hard to hear anything amidst the yelling, screaming, and gunfire. Ficher saw the enemy surrounding the trench. He had no choice but to fall back to the next trench.
The germans had now cleared a third of the beach of Ficher's platoon. They were all dead or had fallen back to the second line of defense. But suddenly, the Germans' advance was pushed back, as the snipers picked off the oncoming Germans one by one. The snipers were in the perfect spots. The thick, jungle-like trees surrounding the beach made the gunfire echo, so the Germans could not tell where the snipers were, they fired into nothingness, wasting ammunition. Even though there was only a five snipers, it sounded like fifty because of the echo, so the Germans were scared out of their wits.
Suddenly, half of Ficher's platoon popped up out of nowhere, shooting, yelling, whooping, and throwing grenades, taking the Germans by surprise. Then, John got a call from the radio man on top of the mountain on his walkie talkie. "John Ficher! John Ficher! (static) Japs on the (static) side! Repeat! (static) -ther beach! (static)fifteen!Take (static) over th-(static) them out!" 
wait... why are the spaces in between the lines so big? oh well. "Roger that." he said. He took his squad (all still alive) to the back of the beach, on the part where it and the forest collide, and told them what he knew.  They took a few extra rounds with them, and then hopped into a jeep. They drove for about twenty minutes, until they saw the japs, sneaking around from behind. They had jeeps too, except they had three. Luckily, Ficher and his men had a 60 cal. mounted machine gun on theirs, too. But they wondered how the japs got onto the island on that side. The current was way to fast for a regular sized landing craft to get there. And how could they have fitted all those jeeps? They must have had a battleship, or something. But, that wasn't what was important now. It was the Japs. So he and his men loaded up, with Private Vancovich on the mounted machine gun. They burst out of the forest, surprising the Japs and they shot out a wheel on one of the jeeps. They then drove off through the forest with the two Japanese jeeps close behind. 
The mounted Machine gun was a swivel, so Vancovich could turn around and shoot from behind. But the Japanese gunners couldn't fire very well because of the driver, so they rarely shot. BANGBANGBANG! Vancovich shot one of the Jap drivers and the jeep swerved to the side. But the other jeep they shot the tire of had it's tire changed and was gaining on them fast with the other jeep. But-BAM! One jeep lost control and smashed into a tree. BANGBANGBANGBANG! Ficher's Jeep's engine stated to spew black smoke and sputter. But, the Japs just couldn't finish them of, because Vancovich shot right in between the Jap grill and blew it sky high. But soon, before they were half way across the island, the engine blew out and they had to walk.
It was about a 30 minute walk across the island hightwise. After about ten minutes, John got another radio call from Major Hart on the beach.
"John! (static) we're (static) trouble! Half the (static) dead! They've g- (static) tank! (static) corpses everywhere! (static) eight (static) left! they've got (static) heavy armored battleship! we (static) it out! our artil- (static) captured! AAHHHHH!!!! And the transmission ended. 
John and his men sprinted through the jungle, finally coming out onto the beach, firing and yelling, giving the enemy everything they had, with the battleship's massive shadow covering them. Vancovich was the first to go. Followed by Smith. Then Shannon. But, then, the British support group came up from behind the enemy, taking them by surprise. They picked most until the battleship waved a white flag. They had repelled another attack, but at a great cost.
Two thirds of Ficher's platoon was killed. Three eighths were injured. The medics went around tending wounds. Ficher was exhausted. He suddenly collapsed on the beach, unconscious of exhaustion. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

He he he! I got a picture!

He he he! I got a picture!So, again, before I start my story, I would like you to go to Moose McMuffin's blog. Thanx!

Brent was about to start his battle when he heard his mother calling him. He left his army men there (becuase he knew that nobody would steal them, becuase nobody was within 5 square miles) and he sprinted half a mile home to his mother. The terrain was rough, even when he did have a path, but he was used to it. He ran and jumped over fallen trees, thorns, and roots until he finally got home. He wondered why his mother was calling. He then realized it was the late evening. So he went inside for dinner.
He sat down and had dinner. It was corn, potatoes, and ham. It was very good. He then had an apple pie (fresh from the oven) and then went up to his small room, laid down on his bed and read by candle light until about three in the morning, when he finally fell asleep with the wolfs howling and the owls hooting gently in the distance.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So, where were we?Ah, yes,we started a new story, didn't we? But first, before we could continue, I would like to ask you all to go to Moose McMuffin's blog: the Mooseyest blog ever. Look it up on Google or something. I would also like you to go to my other friend's blog, but I can't remember wat it was called... the life and times of a ginger and a blargapuss or something like that... well, at least look up those words, will you, please? If you do, ur awesome. But if not: GO TO HELL!!! Thanks, I would sure appreciate it. So... back to the story...

Lieutenant John Fiche was the leader of a platoon. He and his platoon were in charge of an island, Brent island. It held a major key to the American victory, and if it was taken by the enemy, it would be a complete disaster to all of the allied forces, and would allow Hitler's armies to march all over the world. It was located in the Mediterranean, a small little place just off of the African coast. He and his 29 men were preparing for a german attack of the southern coast (A.K.A. the sandy side of the island, the one closer to the shore, with less strong flowing water) of the island. He and his men had artillery set up to take down the enemy landing crafts, and they had large amounts of cover set up along the beach. They also had dug foxholes and mortar pits in strategic locations. They had snipers covering the rest of the men, and the two bazooka men were hidden with a full view of the beach and some more, in case of heavy vehicles or artillery. The lookout man had a full view of the island in case of sneak attacks, and sice he was on the top of the mountain, he had a radio man with them. They were ready for anything.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Neeeew Story! Huraz!

That was an awesome story!!!!!!!! But I got bored of it in the end,so 
I added a surprise ending. But what should my next story be about? Hmmmmm.... well, what do I like? I like... uh... my computer... my dog... my army men... Ooh! I'll make it about army men! But before we start, I'd like to ask you to check out my friend Moose Mcmuffin's blog: The Mooseyest blog around. That's the name. So, let's get started, shall we? 

Brent was a young kid, around 10, who loved army men. He lived in 1941. America was in the second world war. Brent's family was very poor. They lived in a small house in Michigan, on a lake. His father was off fighting in the War, And his Mother was left to take care of him. Since his family couldn't afford for him to go to school, nor was there one near by, he was left to himself much of the time. He wandered about the massive forests, climbing trees, building small wooden bridges made out of logs over creeks, watching animals, and builds rafts to sail out onto the lake. But mostly, he played with army men. He  found a small island once, when he was little, with every terrain on it- it had a sandy beach, a rocky beach, a small pond, a creek, a sandy pit, a place with small little trees, a small grassy area, and a place with normal sized trees. 
This was his Island, Brent's Island, and he loved it dearly. This is were he played with his army men.
He didn't have many-87, to be exact. Even though this sounds like a lot, it isn't... trust me. He had 30 American G.I.'s-5 machine gunners, 10 riflemen, 2 medics, a lookout man, A lieutenant, 5 snipers, two radio men,three grenade men, a mounted machine gunner, two Bazooka men, and three mortar men. He had a troop of thirty Germans, fifteen Japanese, and a British support team of twelve men. He also had 4 jeeps, 5 pieces of artillery, a tank, some sandbags, a german bomber, a barracks, a medical truck, and a Focke Wolf plane. The rest he had to make.
He had just got to his Island now, and the Americans were preparing to battle an oncoming team of Germans...