Thursday, November 20, 2008



After the mock battle, John Ficher decided to take a walk along the beach. He took off his boots and walked though the sand. He walked about halfway around the island, when he saw something circling in the sky. He sat on one of the many rocks, for he was on the rocky side of the island now, and looked at it. He could tell it was big, but he wasn't sure quite what it was. Then he realized it was getting closer and closer to the ground. Soon it was about fifty feet from the ground, and John drew his magnum and pulled his knife out of his sheath and then scrambled behind o boulder, watching the creature hop about on the shore. 
It was white with black tips on what seemed to be it's wings. It had a large spike on it's head, which appeared to be it's mouth. Then, suddenly, it turned it's head and looked straight at John. It hopped a few steps towards him, then dove for him and picked him up with his beak. The creature then flew up into the sky. John was carried along the river extremely fast and at high speeds. The last he saw of the island was a small group of men yelling and waving on the beach as he was carried off into the distance. After flying at high speeds for about fifteen minutes, he wrenched himself free of the thing, and then, forgetting he was about two-hundred feet in the air, started too fall. 
He knew he wold hit the water, but he also knew it would hurt a lot. He tried to make himself straight as possible in the air so he might have a chance of living. then before he knew it, he hit the water. It felt like cement and he heard a loud crack when he hit. He knew it was a bone. But, he was also twenty feet below the water. Not a good place to be when your leg is broken. The wind was knocked out of him when he wit the water, so he started gulping in water, and clawed to the surface. He managed to get ahold of a log on the fast moving water. Then the water started speeding up. He then saw a waterfall at least a hundred feet tall. "Aw, come on!!!" He yelled, and braced for impact. He felt the water go out from beneath him, ad soon his log was spinning around in the air. He couldn't hold on and he fell, luckily slower than the log. He landed right behind the log, so he could quickly pull himself back up instead of practically drowning. He floated for a while, and soon, despite the pain in his leg, fell asleep on the log.
He woke up right next to a muddy bank. He crawled onto the bank and then, once he got on to the grass, leaned on a tree. Then, he realized he had no idea where he was, or how he could get back to Brent Island. He knew he had slept for some hours, because the sun was just coming up when he woke up, so he had probably traveled a few hundred miles away from the Island, so he laid his head back against the tree and began too sleep, knowing that when he woke up, he would have to find a way to survive.

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