Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election was rigged!!!!!!

The election was rigged!!!(In McCain's favor.)So, let's continue.

They went back to the house to have dinner. Afterwords, Brent and his dad went up to his room for a story of the south pacific. When Brent got in bed, his father began.

"We were on the island Kiribati. It's a small volcanic island, and has lots of jungles. It had been raining hard for weeks. The Japanese had us surrounded and we were on level ground. We hid in the trenches, all day, trying to find shelter and waiting for the rain of water and artillery to stop. We were running out of amunition. Luckily, reinforcements and supplies were about to land. But the skies were dark and things looked grim.
After two more days, none of us had a single bullet on us. It seemed like we would die from the wet and mud more than the japanese artillery. Each of us had at least a pound of sludge on us. We got a call from the reinforcements. They would be arriving in a few hours.
 Unfortunately, it seemed like a lifetime, but then, we saw a plane with the words 'United States Air Force' on it. We all cheered. But then, we all heard a mortar. The large shell went up into the sky and landed right smack dad in the middle of us. I just barely got out alive." He showed Brent a large scar on his side. "But clearly, I wasn't fast enough. It hit me right in the right of my back. Any further and it would have taken out my appendix. The medics quickly stitched it up. But, as they were swabbing the wound with anti-bacterial gel of some sort, I heard another mortar fire. I saw it go up into the sky, but it didn't come down on me. It blasted the tail off the reinforcement plane. We knew it was over.
We saw the plane come spiraling to the ground with thick, black smoke coming from it. It was if we heard the screams of those soldiers. I saw a lot lot of men take off their helmets and put it over their hearts. I saw Major Reynolds put his on a rifle he stuck in the ground. But then, the plane opened a hatch. The supplies rained down onto us. We all took cover. Luckily, most of it rained down right in the trench. Then, it veered in the air. Not much, but a small amount. Small enough too have it crash straight into the japanese lines. It wiped out practically all of them. We loaded our guns with the fresh ammunition and soon the day was ours. The men on that plane, Brent? Those were the real heroes. Not us. They were willing to sacrifice their lives for ours. And that's what matters. They died for a reason. They died for their country."

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