Monday, April 14, 2008

New story

Man,that story was good. It ended kind of abruptly, though, don't you think? But, now that it's over, I need a new story. This one is going to take place in a book most of you are very familiar with, Harry Potter. In this book, you can get to the wizard world through a pub;there is a small room in the back were you can tap a pattern in the bricks and they open into a secret passage to Diagon alley. My story starts in this pub, were a man named Sean, a magician, sits, drinking a beer.
      Sean is a strange man, he is tall with thick brown hair and a scraggily beard. He took up a job as a magician when he was 20, and is very good. Sometimes things don't go as he planned, and cards really disappear, glass walls come out of nowhere, and just an hour before, one of his assistants fell through the magic box and didn't fall through the bottom, they weren't in the secret compartment at the end of the show. He was very depressed at this fact, and a search was being held right now. He was very good at gambling, had made over 1,000 dollars off of one game of black jack in Las Vegas and won a grand prize in the lottery. 
      Sean heard a voice say "bet" and immediately went towards the sound. He sat down at a table and said: "what are we playing?". The man across from him mumbled "seven card stud" and then put $100 dollars in the center of the table. Sean then put down $500. They played for two hours, and in the end the man to his right won. He took all the money in the center and ran out of the bar whooping with joy. Everyone else sat at the table to play another game but Sean walked out into the back, steaming with rage.
      "How did this happen?!?!?" He yelled into the darkness." I've never lost a game of poker in my life!" He walked up to a brick wall and repeatedly punched it with his fist. "ARGGHHH!"but then the bricks began to move. "Uh-oh," thought Sean. They began to fold aside, faster and faster, until they opened up an entrance of a street that he had never seen before. It looked strange and almost medieval with the cobblestone roads. He then realized how tired he was. He looked at his watch. It was 5:34 am. It started to rain. The pathway had closed behind him and he was stuck out there. He was experienced in urban camping, though, he had been homeless for two months when he was out of business once. He lied down on a green painted bench under an overhang and was soon fast asleep.

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