Tuesday, April 22, 2008

more fan fiction

OK, so, where did we stop? Oh yah, he fell asleep in the weird street. When Sean woke up, he was surrounded by a bunch of people dressed up like they were they were in the circus.
" Whoa, that's some crazy getup you guys got goin' there. Halloween ain't until October! Naw, but seriously, though, why are you guys all dressed up like that?"
"Dressed up?" exclaimed one man. "Ha! You must be a muggle. Come on over with me and I'll explain it all for you," he said. " My name's John." They walked down the street and soon got to another pub. " Here, have some Butterbeer." He handed Sean a glass full of a golden, fizzy drink. Sean took a sip. It tasted like liquid carmel with a fizz to it. It was a little sweet, but he liked it. 
"So, where the heck am I?" Sean Inquired. " What's a muggle? Why is everyone dressed so strangely? How did the bricks in the Leaky Cauldron move?" He barraged John with questions.
"Hold on now! Slow down! I can only answer so many questions at once! Now, you are a muggle who has wandered into the wizarding world. Everyone is confused because muggles,(non-magic folk) aren't supposed to see the Leaky Cauldron in the first place, let alone get through. Everyone isn't dressed strangely, only for you you. This is how everyone dresses here."
Sean interrupted. "Wait. 
you said non-magic folk. I'm magic. I used to be a magician. See?" He took out a deck of cards and did a card trick. " Is this your card?"
"yes! Bravo! Very good trick but, it is not real magic, only an illusion. But that must have been good enough for you to see the Leaky Cauldron."
" But things have happened before. Cards have really disappeared. Some tricks didn't require illusions at all. Just recently my assistant went missing in the magic box. How do you explain that?"
" Then you must be a wizard! Oh good! So the spell on the Leaky Cauldron doesn't except that fake stuff! I was worried there for a second. Anyway, let's go get you a wand."
They left the pub and walked further down the street. Eventually, they came to a corner, where there were two stores across form each other. One was called WandMart, which was considerably bigger, and the other was called Olivander's. They walked into that one. 
"Even though WandMart has better wands," said John, " I always like supporting the small businesses. A few minutes later Sean walked out with a black, smooth, stick.
" So this is a wand?" asked Sean, holding it with his index finger and thumb. "It doesn't look like much..."
 "Well, wave it around a little!"
" Alright..." he swished wand it the air. Shop window shattered. "Cool."

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting, but you should make more of it! Great details!