Thursday, May 29, 2008

The newestest blogie post

I have decided to change my font!!!!!!! Well, now you know. So, where did we leave off...oh wait! We just finished a story! So, I suppose I should write another story... hm... I know! The complete life and times of an all American basketball! No, wait... already been done. Does mom remember that story I wrote in third grade? Oh well. What should I write about...a spacey story! With a rockety ship! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo....................heeuuuuuurrrrawego.
"Wahoo! I can finally go into space!" said Charles Frederick the second. But for now, we'll just call him Charley. He was a tall fellow, with blond-brown hair and a very exited a jumpy attitude. He also has an extremely short attention span. He has always wanted to go to space, and today WASA( NASA died a long time ago, now it is the World Aeronautics and Space 
Association.) finally accepted him.
The year is 2096, and the human race has discovered every last thing on Earth, revealed every little tiny secret, all is peaceful, we have finally achieved perfection. So, naturally, we got bored with this world and have started to look for others. But Earth is short explorers willing to find these worlds, so we hire anybody that volunteered. Charley was one of the few.
The next day he went right to the WASA building, located in New York City( now a part of Pittsburgh). He walked right in and said, "Hi! I'm here to go into space!" a man behind a desk peered down at him.
"Uh-huh. Now, what would your name be?"
"Charles Fredrick the second!"
" Ah, yes, Mr. Fredrick! Right this way."The man got up and led Charley down a long, white, hallway and into a gigantic room full of people in lab coats and gears and tools and space suits and in the center: A large, silver rocket.

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