Saturday, June 7, 2008

A spacey ship!

Hiiiiiii! How are you? So, where we left off, Charlie was in the W.A.S.A. room.
"Wow!" he said."This is amazing!" A man with a long gray beard wearing a white lab coat walked up to him.
"So," he said,"You must be Charlie!" ( I've decided to change it to Charlie because it's to darn annoying to have to keep clicking ignore spelling, ignore spelling, over and over again.)
"Yes, yes I am."
"Well follow me, young man." He followed the old man around the room. "This is where we make all the high tech. gadgets for our explorers," He spoke, motioning to a room. "This is where we make designs for space suits and things," They walked on. And here is were we the rocket is being built," pointing to the big, silver spaceship in the center of the room. "And this," He whispered, "Is the astronaut test chamber, which is were we will be going." The walked in through a door. In the room there were all sorts of contraptions. First, the old man told him to get into one that was a little cockpit attached to a metal pole that went into a big machine in the center. Charlie hopped right in without a care in the world. "Hey look! a button! I wonder what it does?"
"No, w-" but before he could do anything, Charlie had already pushed it and was spinning around in circles at 900 mph. 
"WHAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed." THIS...IS... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!" but his fun didn't last, because the old man had pulled the lever that was labeled "EMERGENCY STOP" and came to a screeching halt.
 "Well," Said the old man, "I think you passed that test."

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