Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Its been a while

It's been a while, but I'm back... BIT****!!! Anyway, let's continue with Mr. Blank, shall we?

?????, 1990

I slowly ease back into consciousness. Where the hell am I? I ask myself. I don't really know, but wherever I am, it sure is... sandy?
"Come on, Corporal, get up!" It's Sergeant Rico, yelling at me... heck, am I back in the Middle East? I roll over, only to find my gun, lying there in the sand. I hear a voice to the left of me.
"Stop worryin', he'll be fine," It's Bloom! I am back in the Middle East after all. The Sergeant offers me a hand, and I take it. He pulls me back to my feet, and I'm in that state where, you're not quite stable, but aren't dizzy either, when everything is just shaking back and forth. I brush the sand off of me and pick up my weapon. What happened?, I ask the Sergeant.
"You got hit by shrapnel from an enemy grenade. Come on, you gotta help us take this village," He says, and the next thing I know, my entire platoon is there, surrounding the Iraqis in the village... now all of a sudden, we're running through the coarse, yellow, sand... wait... that's funny... the sand isn't coarse at all... I cant even feel it... anyway, we're running... and now, quick as lighting, we're clearing out the village... not many opposers here, only civilians..., then, BAM! An Iraqi nails Johnny in the head through an open window, and the whole place comes alive with fire. I keep shooting until I run out of ammo, and then I reload my M16A4, come to think of it, it's the same one I had in Toronto... TORONTO!!! I yell, and spring up in the hospital bed, making my doctors jump. Wait a sec... hospital bed... doctors... I look around, only to see my X-ray... with two broken ribs and a cracked skull... I feel my warm, gooey blood trickling down the side of my head like a slow moving worm, crawling towards an apple. I start to feel light headed and everything is blurring again, so I take my chance and I ask the doctor what day it is. January 29th.

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