Saturday, April 11, 2009

The next powst

AAAAAAHHHH!!! Whew. I'm glad I got that out of my system.

January, 16th, 2006
My mustang comes to a screeching halt as I see the old farm. I sprint through the tall grass to the giant red barn with the peeling paint and swing open the doors, revealing my plane. I drag all of my things in and start up the engine. The propeller starts to whir, around and around, making me feel a slight bit of nausea every time I look at it. I fly out. It's gonna be a long way to Tipperary. Er, San Francisco.
     January 17th, 2006
I'm finally there, and I land in an airport. And, well, guess who I saw getting off his plane? I follow the man with the button. And keep following him. Until he gets into a black town car with tainted windows. Crap. 
I jump into a cab and tell him to follow the town car, but then he says, "@#%& you," so I kick him out and drive it myself. People sure are nice in San Francisco. I drive after the town car, but the people inside must have noticed, because they keep trying to lose me. They sere in and out of traffic, gradually getting faster. Well, who doesn't like a good car chase, eh?
I'm not quite sure how fast this thing can go, but I drive it none the less. Then the guy in the passenger seat pulls out a 22 mm Beretta. Then I pull out the Desert Eagle. It took me a long time to get used to the kick back from it one handed, and even now it hurts like crazy. But I keep on firing. After a clip I'm pushing 120, the fastest this taxi will go. But it looks like the town car can't go much faster either. Then the guy with the beretta runs out of ammo and pulls out a semi-automatic something or other, so I pull out my MAC-10 and blow him away. then the guys in the back seat roll down their windows and start shooting with their semi-autos, and I keep blasting away at 'em. Then they throw smoke bombs at me and I lose all of my vision. Well, &#$% it. I pull out a coke bomb and throw it in the cloud of smoke then put the taxi in reverse. I hear the explosion, and then I seem to be going backwards much faster then I should be. Then I realize that the taxis sideways and The windshield is shattered. I feel dizzy, and everything is red and fading. I touch my forehead and show my hand to myself, covered in blood. Everything is almost faded. I can't decide who I want to find me first, the dudes in the town car or the cops. Then, My hand flops onto my chest and everything goes black.

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