Saturday, February 7, 2009


HURRAZ!!!I managed to make it happy!! So let's continue! 

Brent was happy. He had found his army man, and he fought and
 won many battles. He was running home for dinner one day when his mother 
told him that there was another family moving very close by. He was delighted, 
and he decided to do some reconnaissance. He put on some of his camouflage 
colored clothing and sprinted through the forest. He found a partially built house, and there
 were no people there since it was late at night. He didn't have a flashlight, since that would ruin his night vision. He could see very well now, and he spotted many things. But nothing was important. Signs, hammers, wood, screws, and nails were all that was there. So he wandered back home and went to sleep.
He had waited four months now, and the family had just moved in yesterday. His father was back fighting in Europe, but Brent and his mother went over to the house to say hello and welcome. They knocked on the door, and a nine year boy answered it.
"Mum, the neighbors are 'ere!" the boy said, with a cockney accent. a tall woman glided to the door.
"Well, hello! My name's Elizabeth. You must be the the O'Conners. Nice to meet you. I'm afraid Ronald is fighting in the war, but me and my son would love to meet you." said the tall woman.
"Yes, I'm Mary," replied Brent's mom, "and this is my son, Brent. His father is also fighting in the war."
"Hello, I'm Brent," said Brent as he held out his hand to the other boy. The boy shook it, enthusiastically.
"Pleasure to meet you. I'm Will." said the boy.
"Well, don't just stand there, come on in!" Elizabeth beckoned. 
They shuffled inside, and Will took Brent upstairs. His room was covered
with propaganda posters from WW2 and WW1.
"Do you like army men?" Will asked.
"Definitely. I have an island where I play with them."
"Cool. I loike 'em too. My dads in the Green Berets," he said.
"Really? That's pretty cool. My dads with Delta Force."
"Amazing. So, you wont to go play wit' some army men?"
"Of course! Just follow me to Brent Island where mine are!" Brent and Will ran 
downstairs and were soon at Brent Island. They made each other familiar with
each other's men, since Brent had never seen British army men from Britain 
before and Will had never seen American army men from America before, 
but after that was done they set up a battle and prepared to fight both of 
their Germans, Japanese, and Italians combined. It was a massive 
battle of Eighty men versus one hundred. Neither had ever seen such 
a sight. Both were exited out of their minds.

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