Friday, October 26, 2007

They then cocked there guns and walked out onto the deck.
"everyone stay calm,we are taking over this ship!"said Ryan.However,they didn't know that there were armed guards on the ship,who ran up guns blazing and the people on the ship cheered while Ryan and his friends took cover.However, since the guards were not very experienced since they had never actually been on a ship that was actually attacked before,they destroyed the ship more then they hit out heroes.In fact,they did not hit our heroes at all.Seeing that there was no harm,they walked up and Pual picked them up one by one and threw them all overboard onto a life raft for they were not truly evil and pushed them away from the ship and the rest of the people on board also left on life rafts.Our heroes plundered the ship taking anything of value and some food that looked tasty,and then coated the yacht with gasoline,threw down a match and quickly hopped in there speedboat and sped away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They walked up there ladder in their hideout disguised as a goose hunter lodge on the water.They got up and Chris started cooking While the others gathered around a dimly lit table and played black jack,five card stud,Texas hold 'em and other card games while they talked about the day's plunder,where and what they were going to rob next,and other things.
After they finished dinner they started to talk more.
"My cousin's out of work as a bounty hunter,"said Ryan.
"so?"said Chris.
"So they could stay with us until they get more work.They would be useful to have,"said Jake.
"that sounds good!"said Ryan."are you guys OK with that?"They all nodded with a few uh-huhs and some sures.
"Great;Ill call 'em right now!But it might be kinda weird because we're all guys,and-"but before Ryan could finish, there was a loud voice amplified by a megaphone from outside that said,"come out with your hands in the air!"and a gunshot.

Friday, October 19, 2007

new story

Wasn't that great?Anyway,now that story's over, so I'm gonna start a new one.This story is based of of my plans for the future:riding on jet-skis robbing cruise liners.The main character of my story is named Ryan.He's 32 and is a fun loving guy.He wears a yellow Hawaiian shirt with tan khaki pants.He has four friends: Jake,who's also 32 and wears a red Hawaiian shirt and khaki pants,Chris,a Latino guy,32,and wears a grey tank top with tan cargo shorts, Paul,33,a really big and tall African-American tough-guy who wears a green-blue tee-shirt with cut cargo shorts,and George,33,a Caucasian who wears an orange hawaiian shirt.So,now that you know the characters,lets get started with the story.
It starts out in the dark bilge of a bilge of a party boat which our heroes are about to rob...

Friday, October 5, 2007

The death of leppy(not the real death,the laser tag one.)

Kaboom!leppy threw a gernade and then ran out,killing four of the ****** before he got the **** beat out of him.We,however,escaped and got to the truck.
"forget the gun!"said Joey."we'll get it after we completely demolish these stupid ********who got leppy out!"
"Joey,my brother,"I said."I was thinkin just the same thing."
They had seen us now,and were coming torwards us.We drove full speed torward them running them over and getting them out by the dozens.Blam!Blam!I shot sean.permanently.The engine exploded.We dived out of the truck.The tank.We threw all of our grenades at it, and it exploded.We went trigger happy,firing every bullet from every gun that we had,until they all were completly totally,and in every way out.There was one of them left.Mr.snassaphrass,there leader.
we shot him.