Friday, January 4, 2008

"Are you sure we can't work this out like civilized people?"Asked Ryan.
"Yes,"one of them said.
"Well fine then,"said Ryan.He punched one particularly burly looking guy and attempted to run through the middle of them,but was hit in the stomach and fell to the ground.He sprung back up again,grabbed a coast guard member apparently named John L.,and threw him to the side.he then grabbed someone else,smashed his head on the wall repeatedly,and then used the unconscious body as a human weapon,thrashing him around and hitting people with the body.he then used it as a shield to soften a few punches,and threw this person aside also.He took a blow to the chest and another to the face, and he fell to the ground.He began to see darkness,and the last thing he saw was a whole bunch of people leaving him and going back to their buisness.


He woke up behind bars.
"Darn it!" he yelled. "I was so close!I wonder how long I've been asleep..." He looked at his watch. "2 days?!?!?"he sat onto a cot and sighed. "man," he said sadly, "I hope they rescued Jake..." and just at that moment,who would apear in the cell right next to him but Jake.